12 Encuentro Nacional de Aceite de Oliva, 16 de Octubre de 2014, Espacio Riesco, Santiago de Chile.

Chile Oliva 2014 Andrés Silva Arancibia

Este 16 de octubre Andrés Silva Arancibia junto a dos destacados expertos del sector productor y exportador de Aceite de Oliva, estará hablando de Redes Sociales y Marketing 3.0 en la Industria Agroalimentaria 2015 – 2020. Más detalles de encuentro en: 12 Encuentro Nacional de Aceite de Oliva.

Un comentario en “12 Encuentro Nacional de Aceite de Oliva, 16 de Octubre de 2014, Espacio Riesco, Santiago de Chile.

  1. Hello Andres, I am very impressed with the cadre of artistic photographers you introduce on Instagram. Such talent. How do they find you or do you find them? Do you also represent them to galleries or other clients?

    I have a dear friend who owns the Internet gallery of fine , The Guild. I love and collect artistic photography (of a modest scale). Toni features limited editions of superb quality reprints of 40 or so artists she procures. She found she needed paintings on the walls to show off her crafts artists’ work.

    To clarify, I am not referring to crafts of a region or culture now, I refer to unique and artful work produced of wood, metal, fiber, ceramic and glass.

    Anyway, as I have been captivated by the beauty of our planet, on Instagram, as nearly a nightly ritual for some months now. It wasn’t long before I was pulled into your gallery and the incredible break out photographers whose work you present daily. I am an admirer we of your agency that also blogs and is a marketing consultant. Can you tell me in a phrase how you help market this photography? I have got it in my head that The Guild could definitely benefit from presenting artistic photography on the walls.

    So I am reaching you to see if an introduction to my friend might have potential. Look at guild.com and also she produces a spectacular direct mail catalog.

    As a fan, I beg you to identify the location where each photograph was taken when you post them? I use Instagram to “travel” the world! It drives me crazy to look upon a most beautiful scene and not know what country the shot represents.
    Please, please add a country identifier to your posts !!!!

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Lyn Waring
    Seattle, Washington

    Founder of the Warriors Wellness Project, a non-profit group of EFT certified professionals who help veterans and their families affected by PTSD after returning from their military service.

    Me gusta


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